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The Open Cometh…Win the Pot… and a Car!

The highlight of the surfboat season takes place next weekend. Now’s the time for the regulars to be fine-tuning their starts and turns and the irregulars to wonder if they really do dare to walk around on a public beach in a pair of wedged-up budgie smugglers – course you do!

The question that everyone is – or should be – thinking about is what’s the surf going to be like. Long range indicators are for it to be small which could play into the hands of the flat water crews. Five days to go yet so much could change.

Whatever size it is the biggest prize of the surfboat season will be up for grabs. And talking of big prizes up for grabs, Porthtowan SLSC are selling raffle tickets to win a car!!!!. Here’s the link.

Likey there’ll be some tickets for sale at Saunton on Saturday.

Girlie Flasher Mac

This year’s must have fashion accessory, or so I am reliably informed.

Thanks to Jo for providing the link.

Watergate turns on

Great contest at Watergate on Saturday. Enough surf to make it a proper contest while not so big to cure constipation. Add in warmth and a sun and you could be forgiven for thinking it is summer.

In the Ladies contest things are bubbling down to a tussle between Black & Blue and the Blue Rinsers. The youngsters held a definite edge in the surf but they had to work for it. Good to see Perran keep them honest with a heat win.

In the Mens’ event Blue Bali had, for once, to give second best to the Barrs. Without question these are quickest boats and one-off events like the Open and European title will genuinely be up for grabs even before outsiders come into the picture. As far as the Series is concerned, barring a calamity, it’s looking good for the Towan boys.

Several highlights from the w/e.

Jo Lloyd-King with her feet above the head of second bow after being pinged by a little ‘un. Up and rowing in a flash and without a peep – what you need for the bow seat.

Bannie losing it and going sideways almost as far as Fistral. Last time he lost it was when Noah dropped in on him. I counted four off the tops and a floater re-entry. If it had been any other sweep, the boat would have rolled and floated into the bathing zone. In truth, all the sweeps took a bit of ┬ábeating – the joys of close, on-shore surf.

Spike diving into the “six-pack” shot before anyone else could say “Ggggrrrrrr.”

Sunday saw the Bournemouth crews come over for a play with rowers from Perran and Towan. Gotta say, really good fun. Ed was champing to do this post NZ and it was such a good day I hope we get to do it again sometime soon.

A Wave to Yourself

Perran popped over to Newquay on Wednesday as the surf was HUGE. Luckily no one else had the same idea.

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