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Scalped by the Welsh

UKSRL Shyman Summer Series Round 1 took place at Coney Beach, Porthcawl. “It’s always flat at Coney Beach” we told the surf rowing newbies, perfect venue for your first introduction to surf rowing. Crews were greeted with  SW gale and wind swell wrapping around the harbour wall. The lifeguards had red flagged the beach. Guess we will have to wait for the tide to come in, was the consensus of expert opinion. In the meantime the The Newport Vets decided to sit this one out as they had not brought their leatherhosen with them. The Bournemouth Bachannals (i think that’s how you spell it) had a go at the warm up but found it to challenging for their first outing.

The experienced crews relished the conditions and had the opportunity to take out a number of surfers who just don’t get the concept of a 200kg surfboat with 300 kg onboard is NOT going to stop. Despite the valiant efforts of the IRBs who tried to explain that this event was scheduled for this area of the beach.

In the womens first heat the Blue Rinsers broke Banny’s favourite carbon sweep oar. As they had come to a private arrangement with the Bude guys this was not part of the UKSRL Boat Loan scheme. I saw Dan Berriman breath a HUGE sigh of relief and then a smile crossed his face. In the second mens heat drama took place at the turning cans. Mike Lord didn’t quite get the boat around before the Llantwit Crocodiles crew took off on a swell, only to find the Perranporth Probables approaching their turn. It was like a rabbit caught in the headlamps with no were to hide, the welsh crew T-boned into the Perranporth boat, fortunately no injuries took place to the crew,  but there was lot of …………..*!?* what was that !

Everyone got back to the beach and the call went out for “more duck tape, please!”.

scalped by the Welsh

duck tape the bow

I have to admit the DKG is a strong boat, I think there would have been more structural damage if it had happened to some of the others and to add salt to the wound there wasn’t a scratch on the Llantwit boat. Racing continued until all the rounds were completed by which time hypothermia was beginning to set in and all agreed to call it a day at that. Big thank you to the Welsh IRB crews for providing the safety cover and probably think we are all stark raving mad.

Crews retired to Llantwit Major surf club for the 5 star BBQ and party. Once again the band did not disappoint and it has now grown to a five piece and for this year they had lights ! The girls from Porthtowan were dancing on the table tops and Ellis from Bournemouth was taking photos at a very low angle…… better delete those photos Ellis otherwise the girls will sue you !

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