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Up at 6am for a full days racing-not a problem because we were all awake by 4am still catching up to New Zealand time.

We started racing at 8am. We were to race long races in the morning and complete the short race we started yesterday in the afternoon. Potentially if we made it through to the finals in both events a total of 9 races, under blistering sun. Please note these are not the nationals – they are tomorrow. These are the Northern Regional Championships for the North Island.

The long race, out from the beach to the bouy set 450m from the beach, and back for a ‘wet finish’, with the finish line set between two towers erected in the water maybe 10 ft from the waters edge.

Results: Heat 1 1st

Heat 2 3rd

Heat 3 1st

We did enough in the semis to qualify for the finals. Now we were amped up, starting to get sunburnt, a little tired but ready for it. A good start, then we hit a short sharp wave that stopped us dead in our tracks, and broke our sweep oar. We made it ‘round our bouy, and limped home in 5th.

Our heads were down, we ate our pasta, picked ourselves up and braced ourselves to complete the short race we started yesterday.

Results: Heat 1 1st (yesterday)

Heat 2 2nd

Heat 3 5th (we broached on a wave)

Now we are starting to feel it. We spent all the time hiding in the shade of a tent, or warming up fro a race under the trees behind the beach. Legs are aching, everything is aching and we need to make 3rd for a place in the final. We got 2nd.

The finals of the short race was torture, a photo finish for 2nd or 3rd. we got 3rd. Looking at the competition, and our circumstances, we were happy to stand on the podium and receive our yellow water bottles.

On the beach everyone is very friendly and supportive, great atmosphere.

Has anyone got any aftersun??

Now let’s get serious…

First day of competition. Up at 05:30, breakfast of champions (porridge) at 6:00, register at 07:30.

Gary asked for a long sweep oar at the sweeps meeting, They gave us one that was about 4ft long and as useful as a toothpick. We felt like we we’re the Jamaican bob  sleigh team.

On the beach lots of friendly banter and Team GB made to feel welcome.

We’re drawn in the first race of the day. Heat 1 lane 4. Feeling the pressure. 30 odd boats and a lot of crews with a predicted building swell..

The gun went and we’re a boat length up on the start. We held it through a barrage of waves approximately 3m. Turned the cans 2 lengths ahead, felt good. The waves were almost breaking on the cans !!!!! We missed the first one but rowed onto the second. We skied then trailed… bit wobbly but the sheriff held it. Our bowman jumped and we took first place. Check out the photos to see the boat behind that nearly sideswiped us !!!!

The wind/swell carried on building before our next heat and they called a sweeps meeting. They asked if we wanted to continue or cancel. The majority wanted to cancel (including the marshals). We were among the minority of clubs who raised our hands to continue racing. Event postponed to tomorrow 07:30. Two comps tomorrow rolled into one…

There’s surf!!!!!!!

24/01/11:  The last supper (Location -Ed’s mums house)

It’s been about surviving the cold, rowing in 9 degree water in Speedos, but that’s all done. Time for a last supper, final chance to talk through strategy, kit, etc. Excitement massive. George, our transport coordinator has organised for us to be picked up at 7am, should be there with plenty of time to spare.

25/01/11: Ambulance chase

Heavy traffic on the way. We’re going to miss the plane. Trip over before its begun.  On the approach to terminal 4 we were at a stand still. Six miles to go and 10 minutes to make the check in.  Two things: 1) an ambulance, “Chase it!”  A driver who should have been in The Transporter.  Made check in just as it was closing. God is a boatie. Result…See video footage on our website via the facebook symbol as of 29/01/11 (

On the planeDevil’s in the detail

Nick printed off instructions with reference to scientific evidence regarding jet lag and the long plane journey.  The list included drinking plenty of water, eating extra carbs, setting watches and body clock to NZ time, so no sleep during the day.  Ok Nick.

The Dubai deal

We had 30 min transfer time in Dubai and it didn’t take us long to make total fools of ourselves.  Can you imagine the excitement when we thought we changed 900 pounds into 5200NZ dollars.  What followed was a frenzy in Starbucks instigated by George who was so excited he was nearly sick into a (50$) bag full of muffins.  On the other side of the gate and once sure we were clear of the Dubai police authorities the details of the transaction became apparent.  The 5200 dollars was actually 1200 dollars.  We laughed at our stupidity and enjoyed the euphoria whilst it lasted.

26/01/11  Day 1 New Zealand – The daze

50 hours no sleep, ’12 min burn time, you guys got sun block on?’

Zombie shopping trip, spent a lot of money on ingredients that still can’t be pieced together into a single meal.  Back into the usual 3P diet (porridge and protein powder).  Ed is humming as his bags are still at Heathrow, or it could be just Ed?

Training on Mount Manganui beach, 2.5m swell, no crash pumps to get the water out.  Check out the video clips and photos.  Gary (our diplomat) has just introduced us to the local surfers and the fellow athletes.

Who, what, where and when

I set out below what BB will be doing over the next few weeks. The boys are now “en route” so there may be a day or two’s pause while we sort comms.

Just to let you know where we are racing over the next few weeks and how you can follow it if you should desire…

This is where we are racing on the 1st weekend, Jan 29th.

We are racing over three weekends, this is where our last race is Feb 12th.. Bad language in this one !!!!

We will be updating our blog every day possible to keep everyone up with the
news, photos etc,, be it good or disastrous !!

This will only be possible after we have settled on Thursday/Friday.

These are the websites; with blogs etc or

The boys are
revved up for it …

See you in three weeks..

More images

Training’s Over

This just in from Nick

Todays news; Today was our last day of training in UK waters. Film crews from ITV and Falmouth university were on the beach !!
It was sunny with a small clean wave but it’s the middle of Januaryand were wearing speedos…but we could not show weakness !!
We tested out our new GB hats and kit. I’m sure I will be ridiculed when the ITV documentary is seen !! Gym this evening. We are constantly being told not to over train… How is that possible when we are so competitive amongst each other, let alone the task in hand… eat lots of food—bed.

Here’s the link to the news clip

And if the technology works some photos as well

Blogs Away!

Thanks to everyone who has responded to the first blogs ref BB’s trip to NZ.

I’ve been asked to explain that when you post a comment it won’t appear until I have the chance to approve it. This is to prevent millions of spammers emails going up ref penis extensions, Viagara etc (see earlier blog.)

I’m going to try and find time to do the blog every night the boys are away but forgive me if I miss one or two, young family, no sleep, (occasional) rugby dinners etc etc.

Please, please, please do respond and post comments. This is your site and we want to make it a success and have everyone contributing. So, if there is any further news out there, just let me know and we’ll post something up.

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