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I’ve had some interest for 2011 calendars from Bude, Barrs, and Bournemouth. (Chrissie – not sure if you were happy to sort for Perran ladies?)

Anyway, here’s the deal.

1) Please send me a chq for £50/club in favour of UKSRL to
Hunters Moon
Banns Road
Mount Hawke

2) Please post as a Reply here the 13 images you want to use (nominate one for cover) by reference to those on the site. If you want to use any image not on the site please email to me with a res of at least 1 Meg.

3) Please let me know how many copies you want produced (min of 5.)

4) I’ll produce, order and supply at cost. Likely to be £15-20 per calendar depending on promos then available. Please make sure you have the cash from your crews – I don’t want to have to chase up after I’m out of pocket.

Once the calendars have been done we’ll take the 2008/9 images off the site to keep it fresh.

Wait to hear and hope you’re all doing ok without waves.


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