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Know your Boatie

Call it old age but the morning after the night before I struggle to remember my own name, let alone who helped me out of the bar and pointed me in the direction of the camp site after the post race drinking session.

We all know the names of our own team mates but what about the guys from Nottingham, the gals from Twickenham, the (ex) flatties from Bristol?

So, let’s have a get-to-know -your boatie initiative. A photo would be ideal to accompany this but, Houston, we have a problem. Something, I am told, to do with the server. Anyway, the A team’s on it and with a bit of luck it ought to be resolved in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, here’s Kim-Marie

Kim-Marie Clothier

Porthtowan Ladies, Bow girl

Rowing background
Nearly six years of gig rowing, a couple of years of skiff and flashboat rowing, and 4 years of surf boats

Day Job
Senior Environmental Scientist in the Mining Industry. Basically involves travelling worldwide to all the places that no one else visits (Kazakhstan, Congo, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Macedonia etc.) and looking at environmental compliance and environmental impact of mining operations.

Favourite beach
Porthtowan, obviously!

Can’t live without
Exercise and adventure – hence surf boat rowing!!

If I ran the world
I’d tighten up the environmental and climate change legislation to make sure we still had a world to live in!

Most embarrassing moment
Numerous ones, but having an entire Butlins holiday camp dining room sing ‘Happy Birthday now you are nine years old’ when I was actually 16, comes quite close.

Favourite memory
Too many to name. Recently climbing to the top of a snow covered mountain in Kyrgyzstan to visit a site, on a beautiful sunny day, and thinking ‘I get paid to do this’. Oh, and of course our clean sweep (no pun intended) surf boat victory last season!!!!!

Pete Gaisford: Legend of the Surf

Boaties in shirt and tie usually means one of two things: a visit to the bank manager or an attendance at court. Not last Saturday, however, when Perranporth SLSC had its 53rd annual dinner and dance at The Atlantic Hotel in Newquay.

Among a number of awards made over the course of the evening one, in particular, stood out. Pete Gaisford was presented with life membership of the Surf Life Saving Association of GB.

Pete’s time in surf life saving is measured in decades and in several different contexts. As a competitor he was a national champion on board and ski. As a manufacturer, his equipment is known internationally. Yet Pete has also done his bit as an administrator. He led SLSA at a time of great change which, by his own admission, was far from an easy period.

His efforts do not end there. He is currently the President of Perranporth SLSC and serves on the committee of the European Surf Rowers Federation. We know him as the Secretary of UKSRL and, let’s be honest, without his contribution our sport would be languishing in the shadows. No one does more than him in running the league, chasing sponsors, and generally keeping the show on the road.

He is still the best sweep at Perran (sorry Nick) and led its ladies crew to the European title in massive surf in 2008. He’s also a bloody good bloke.

Congratulations Pete – a well deserved award.

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