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In the Beginning…

Hi. Welcome to the newly refurbished UKSRL website.  If surfboats are your thing then this site is for you. We want to hear from you and know what’s happening in the surf where you are.

The fact you are reading this means
you’re a boatie;
you’d like to be a boatie;
you’re surfing, but just the net. Well, take a second, have a look around, see what real surfers do in boats and be amazed.

When I first dipped an oar to the water in anger, well over a decade ago, boaties were confined to a few crazies who scared everyone else in their local surf club. Racing consisted of a handful of events shoe-horned into the arse-end of a surf life saving event.

Nowadays, UK boaties enjoy a five event Summer Series held at locales in south Wales, Devon, Cornwall and on the south coast. There is an “Open” when anyone with the “cojones” to have a lash can turn up at Saunton Sands and take on the established order. A European event is up and running with contests having been held in epic surf in France and a future event pencilled in for Holland.

So what will our sport look like in 10 year’s time?
Gone are the days when crews from two or three surf clubs did battle just between themselves with almost incestuous relish. These days it is not unusual to find flat water RCs turning up. And expecting to win. Take a bow Bristol Barracudas, formerly City of Bristol RC, and our current European Champs.

Molesey, Twickenham, Nottingham are just some of those who’ve been brave enough to explore the most radical part of the sport of rowing. As yet, most have only dipped a toe in and not committed to a whole season. No gig club teams have been spotted (what is to be read into that?) while Celtic longboaters are rumoured to be deep in training for this season’s first event at Porthcawl.

In a decade’s time, is it possible that the traditional surf club teams will be relegated to squabbling over the minor places?

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